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Hydromax Pump Provides Very Satisfying Results

por John Conac (2018-12-20)

There are contradicting information online about the use of Hydromax. Some hyped reviews say it works, but the review sources are not the most trustful.

Some reviews say the results are temporary.

If you dig deeper on forums about PE you will find that some ‘trustful’ comments say that Hydromax can give permanent results as long as it’s used in conjunction with jelqing. One explicit routine is presented here:

The first thing you need to know is that the Hydromax pump is very safe to use because it was tested beforehand by Aspen Research free of ingredients that are harmful to the skin. Enough is used routinely 15 minutes per day for 3 months to get maximum results.

How To Use Hydromax Pump

Hydromax is a premium, water resisted penis pump, which was created to make the penis fatter and longer in less time than any other sort of methods. Compared to traditional vacuum penis found at those sex shops, the Hydromax Pump could be utilized with water in a way as to enable the penis to expand proportionally for effective and safe size increases. The results are noticeable immediately and a lot of people who used it have noted permanent gains in girth and length with frequent use.

The Hydromax Water Pump is the original hydro pump and it can be utilized with air or water. It features lots of room for expansion for the majority of men and other models are accessible for those who need more. Some details that are worth mentioning include fast release valve as well as the measurement scale. The valve located at the end of the pump enables air and water exit and enables you to release the vacuum being placed on the penis. There is also the measurement scale on the other side of the pump where you can gauge the progress.

Now the Bathmate pump comes with the latest generation with a pump strength of 45% stronger, the hydromax pump is divided into 3 types and colors.

Hydro7 Red, Clear, Blue
Hydromax Series Red, Clear, Blue (Hydromax5, Hydromax7, Hydromax Wide Boy, hydromax9)
HydroXtreme Series Clear (HydroXtreme5, HydroXtreme7, HydroXtreme9, HydroXtreme11)

The choice of pump size greatly affects the final result, therefore it is recommended to read further on the official hydromax pump page. The size of the penis when the erection is measured first so you can choose the pump that will be used later.

If you want to increase the size of your penis longer and thicker, you can take a larger and more complete size of the pump, starting with hydroxtreme9 or hydroxtreme11.

Benefits of Using a Hydromax Pump

  • The penis size will be 2-3 inches longer and thicker for each type of Hydromax pump
  • Erection harder and longer
  • Increase sexual stamina
  • Can regulate the desired ejaculation

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